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How To Find a Job in Toronto - York Region

Pathways to Early Childhood Education (ECE) for Internationally Trained Professionals for York Region 's residents. This is a 12-week program designed to assist Internationally Trained Professionals with a background in Early Childhood Education, pre-school, primary teachers in acquiring employment as an Early Childhood Educator.


  • Have Professional experience from outside Canada as a Preschool or Primary Teacher

  • Possess a Bachelors' of Arts Degree in a related fields such as Psychology, Sociology and wish to work in the field of Early Childhood Education

Program Services include:

-Four weeks of online workplace language training

-Individualized career assessment and Planning

-Credential evaluation support

-Technical Training including CPR & Life Skills, Mental Health First Aid, Workplace Health and Safety

-Resume, Job Search and Interviews Skills Workshops and Support

-4 -week paid work placement

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