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Kindergarten in Canadá

Hello, friends!

Summer is almost over. It is time to think about our new routine once our son is starting kindergarten in September. 4-year-old children can go to kindergarten, but you don't want to have your son enrolled you have to look for alternative schools, like Montessori.

This new phase is mysterious for both parents and children. I will have to manage new chores - prepare snacks (3 per day) and have him home after three o'clock. In Daycare he stays all day long and has all meals included. Maybe this will be a great opportunity to be a better cook, won't it?

We are afraid of the bathroom time because he will be by himself... We doubt if he can manage it. However, I have already talked with parents that faced the same situation. They told me that accidents happen, but children stay and sound.

Regards to my son, he will miss his colleagues.

Actually, I will just take advantage of the process. Let us see what the future brings to us!

So, I will sum up how his routine will be:

  • Uniform - blue clothes

  • you have to provide three snacks or meals

  • Classes from 9 a.m to 3 p.m

If you have to maintain your kid at school before or after the time school hours, you have to pay fees.

This book is interesting to see how kindergaten routine looks like: "Kindergarten, Here I come!".

Good luck for everybody!

How about you, what are your challenges your kid and you have faced? Tell us!

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