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New job. What are the employment benefits differences between Brazil and Canada?

Well, I worked for 10 months for a TOP 50 best employers in Canada. It was a marvellous experience, because, first of all, it was so difficult to find a job in my area that sometimes I doubt myself; I did not know if I could work in a different culture, once I had no previous experience working abroad.

How and Why I changed company? Last year I interviewed for different positions and corporations. One of them approached me with an interesting offer last month. Frankly writing, I would say that I was reluctant because I was supposed to go to Montreal once a week. However, after some negotiation, I got the offer. They told me I would not have to travel to Montreal.

It is sure that salary was a factor to change jobs, but it is not the only one. In Canada, there are no basic benefits like in Brazil: 44 hours per week, 30 days on vacation, 13th salary and lunch bonus.

In Canada, we can negotiate everything, even vacation. Personally, I have got 4 weeks of vacation, plus a certification bonus.

A curious fact is that I will keep working for the French side of Canada.

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